Check Your Knowledge of Concepts and Terminology

The activities listed below are designed to help you learn the material covered in class.  New activities will be added on a regular basis.

Current Unit

Unit 7: Evolution
Date AddedActivity TitleType of Activity
03/20/19Chapter 10 Key TermsVocabulary Review
03/20/19Chapter 11 Key TermsVocabulary Review
03/20/19Chapter 17 Key TermsVocabulary Review
03/20/19"Isn’t Evolution Just a Theory?"  YouTube
"Who Was Charles Darwin?"  YouTube
"The Making of a Theory – Darwin, Wallace, and Natural Selection"  YouTube
"How Do We Know Evolution Happens?"  YouTube
"How Does Evolution Really Work?" YouTube
"Discovery of Tiktaalik"  QuickTime
"Human Chromosome 2"  Quicktime
"Sexual Selection & Evolution"  YouTube
"Did Humans Evolve?"  YouTube
"Why Does Evolution Matter Now?"  YouTube
"Evolution of the Eye"  YouTube
"Genetic Toolkit"  YouTube
"Evolution in Action"  NOVA – PBS Video
"What Darwin Never Knew"  NOVA – PBS Video
03/20/19Evolution TerminologyVocabulary Review
03/20/19Evolution Review QuestionsConcept Review
03/20/19Evolution Practice ExamPractice Exam
03/20/19Questions from Unit 7 Exam Review GameReview Game

Previous Units

Unit 1: Chemistry of Life
Date AddedActivity TitleType of Activity
08/15/19Biological Terminology – Prefixes, Root Words, SuffixesVocabulary Review
08/15/19Chapter 1 Key TermsVocabulary Review
08/15/19Chapter 2 Key TermsVocabulary Review
08/15/19Science Knowledge SurveyConcept Review
08/15/19Sample Experiments – Identify the VariablesConcept Review
08/15/19Nature of Science Practice ExamPractice Exam
08/15/19What do you know about chemistry?Concept Review
08/15/19Chemistry of Life Review GameChallenge Board
08/15/19Chemistry of Life Practice ExamPractice Exam

Unit 2: Cell Structure and Function
Date AddedActivity TitleType of Activity
09/19/19Cell Size and ScaleConcept Review
09/19/19Chapter 3 Key TermsVocabulary Review
09/19/19Prokaryote, Eukaryote, or Both?Concept Review
09/19/19Cells: Structure and FunctionVocabulary Review
09/19/19Cell Structure Spelling PracticeConcept Review
09/19/19Cell Structure Matching GameConcept Review
09/19/19Cell Structure and Function Practice ExamConcept Review

Unit 3: Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems
Date AddedActivity TitleType of Activity
10/22/19Chapter 13 Key TermsVocabulary Review
10/22/19Chapter 4 Key TermsVocabulary Review
10/22/19What do you know about photosynthesis?Concept Review
10/22/19Photosynthesis Animation & TutorialConcept Review
10/22/19Photosynthesis Review GameChallenge Board
10/22/19Photosynthesis Practice ExamPractice Exam
10/22/19What do you know about cellular respiration?Concept Review
10/22/19Cellular Respiration Animation & TutorialConcept Review
10/22/19Cellular Respiration Review GameChallenge Board
10/22/19Cellular Respiration Practice ExamPractice Exam
10/22/19Cell Energy Practice ExamPractice Exam

Unit 4: Cellular Reproduction
Date AddedActivity TitleType of Activity
11/18/19Chapter 5 Key TermsVocabulary Review
11/18/19Cell Cycle PhasesConcept Review
11/18/19The Cell Cycle and CancerVocabulary Review
11/18/19Cellular Reproduction Practice ExamPractice Exam

Fall Final Exam

A Comprehensive Exam Over Units 1-4
Date AddedActivity TitleType of Activity
12/12/19Final Exam Review SheetStudy Guide
12/12/19Practice Final ExamPractice Exam
12/12/19Final Exam Review GameChallenge Board

Unit 5: Molecular Genetics
Date AddedActivity TitleType of Activity
01/06/20Chapter 8 Key TermsVocabulary Review
01/06/20Chapter 9 Key TermsVocabulary Review
01/06/20DNA Anatomy · DNA Replication
DNA Transcription · RNA Translation
Transcription Animation · Translation Animation
Computer Animations
01/06/20Protein Synthesis ReviewConcept Review
01/06/20Molecular Genetics Review GameChallenge Board
01/06/20Molecular Genetics Practice ExamPractice Exam

Unit 6: Patterns of Inheritance
Date AddedActivity TitleType of Activity
02/12/20Chapter 6 Key TermsVocabulary Review
02/12/20Chapter 7 Key TermsVocabulary Review
02/12/20Genetics QuestionsConcept Review
02/12/20Patterns of InheritanceConcept Review
02/12/20Patterns of Inheritance Practice ExamPractice Exam