Incomplete Dominance – Hour 6

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  1. Ludovico Prelogar says:

    Here is my Incomplete Dominance word problem:

  2. Will Rauter says:

    Incomplete Dominance in Kittens

  3. Charlie Vincent says:

    PP-mostly white with black
    Pp-mostly black with white
    pp-completely black

    Your family decides that they want a cat, so you all go to PetSmart to look for one. At the store, the employee shows them a litter of 8 kittens. According to the employee, they know which cat the mother is, but they don’t know who the father is. The mother is black with white splotches. Four kittens are mostly black with white splotches, and the other four are completely black. The employee says that the father is one of the other cats in the store. You, who have just learned about incomplete dominance, try to figure out which cat is the father. There are 43cats in question:
    • A mostly white cat with black splotches
    • A mostly black cat with white splotches
    • A completely black cat

    Your job is to find out which of these cats is the father to the litter.


    The completely black cat is the father because it would have to be homozygous recessive which is the only way to get the ratio of half and half with the mother who is heterozygous.

    P p
    p Pp pp
    p Pp pp

  4. lauren senderson says:

    Incomplete Dominance

  5. Natalie Sarff says:

    Incomplete Dominance:

  6. Bennett Vonahnen says:

    Incomplete dominance

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