A Blend of a Baby? – Hour 2

Image from MakeMeBabies.com

Use this post to reveal what you and your ideal mate’s offspring would look like according to MakeMeBabies.com. Use the “Add Image” feature to upload your picture. (Remember to use your first name, last initial only.)

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21 Responses to A Blend of a Baby? – Hour 2

  1. Alex T says:

    Miss Jean Bennett wanted to name our child after her favorite sweatpants.

  2. Jason K. says:

    Me and diana bang’s baby

  3. Gabby G. says:

    If me and Bill Hader had a baby. His name is Bill Clinton

  4. Jared C says:

    A very fitting name.

  5. Brian E says:

    Her name is pronounced dynasty but spelled Dnasty.

  6. Eden K says:

    Little Ashla

  7. Adam Clement says:

    Sangeeta and I made this ballin baby

  8. Sunny H says:

    Liam Hemsworth & i’s baby Tequito❤❤

  9. Daniel S. says:

    Little DNA was just born.

  10. Eric C. says:

    Kate Upton

  11. Alessander R. says:


  12. Parker J. says:

    Me and Kate Upton made a baby.

  13. Elizabeth S. says:

    Dave Franco and my baby

  14. Stacie W. says:

    My child

  15. Anita S. says:

    If Dr. Phil and I had a baby. It’s name would be Bubbles McTaco.

  16. Sirat G says:

    Ben Barnes and I had a morph child. Lovingly named Gandalf.

  17. Erin B. says:

    This is Dave and I’s lily 🙂

  18. Lauren F. says:

    Little Kelly

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