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The Other Side

Where The Grass Is Always Greener

Turn It In

Image from As you write your Lecture Reviews, Book Reviews, and Journal Article Reviews you will submit your writing to Turn It In to check for potential plagiarism. To help you avoid the problem of plagiarism, we will be … Keep Reading

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Your Ideal Gamete Donor

For the project we will be starting this week, you will need to select a prospective gamete donor. You will then need to bring in a color photograph of your ideal gamete donor by Friday, February 24th. For the purposes … Keep Reading

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Explaining Why Siblings Differ

In light of what you have learned through coins and beads, how would you respond to the sisters’ questions: How did this happen to me when my parents and siblings do not have it? What does it mean for the … Keep Reading

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Meiosis and the Chromosome Number Challenge

Follow the instructions in the Student Handout to complete the challenge using the class links below. Post Your Group’s Solution Hour 1 Hour 4

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