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Where The Grass Is Always Greener

There Are Two Kinds of People – Wait, Are There Really?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Throughout the history of humans, there have generally been two widely accepted sexes among humans. This “binary” system of sexuality is prominent in society, government, and in many cultures around the world. This issue has been … Keep Reading

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Down Syndrome

Image from Wikimedia Commons Down syndrome, a challenging disorder that brings the best in those around people that care for them in their lives. A person with Down syndrome has many challenges but, even with this life limiting disease they … Keep Reading

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Screen Time vs. Sleep Time

Image from Wikimedia Commons We all do it; head to bed, think about going to sleep, but instead pull out the phone or Kindle. Scientists have now found that this can affect your internal clock, and how well you sleep … Keep Reading

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Social Media – Effects on Health

Everything is connected to social media today. It is spreading faster than anything else in the world nowadays. In the world 58% of the people use any type of social media and American people spend 7.6 hours with it. Most … Keep Reading

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Are Wolves Really the Problem?

In early February 2015, Idaho’s Wolf Depredation Control Board paid $143,000 for 31 wolves that had been killed. Idaho is trying to control the wolf population because the wolves kill livestock. This attempt to control livestock population is not effective … Keep Reading

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Animal Behavior

Do you ever notice how dogs seem to have their own personality despite not having the ability to consciously express it through verbal means? Have you ever wondered how certain kinds of animals are able to leave their mark in … Keep Reading

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How Muscles Grow

The human body relies on muscles for virtually all of the work that it achieves. When most people think of muscles, they think of muscles like biceps and abdominals, these are an example of skeletal muscles. Skeletal muscles perform work … Keep Reading

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Biotechnology – Answer to Combating Crippling Diseases?

Biotechnology is the usage of living organisms to create products and technologies to fight crippling diseases. Biotechnology has opened the door to discovering and developing cures, or avoiding entirely, debilitating diseases. Biopharmaceutical research companies have already created over 600 medicines … Keep Reading

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