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The Other Side

Where The Grass Is Always Greener


Image from Wikimedia Commons Water is the most common substance on the surface of Earth. It is also one of the most important substances, if not the most important. Around 70 to 75 percent of the earth’s surface is covered … Keep Reading

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What is evolution? Many believe that evolution isn’t real, that it never happened. Evolution is the change in inherited characteristic of biological populations over successive generation. What that means is that it’s a change in a spices over generation to … Keep Reading

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Albinism in the Wild

Albino Bennett’s wallaby with joey in pouchImage from Wikimedia Commons Albino animals, although expensive and prized as pets, are cursed and almost always doomed in the wild. Their rare and unique appearance cause them to be a pricey pet, but … Keep Reading

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Monster Eating Galaxies

Massive galaxies in the universe have started to stop making their own stars and are now snacking on nearby galaxies. Astronomers have looked at more than 22,000 galaxies and found that while smaller galaxies are very efficient at making stars … Keep Reading

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Genetic Enhancement: What Is Being Done?

Animals have been used to experiment with dabbling in genetic enhancement for years, but recently an experiment that involves the “Schwarzenegger mice” has been put forth. This experiment is about trying to develop a treatment for the seriously ill and … Keep Reading

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Are Humans Causing Wars Among Other Species?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Chimps are among the most intelligent animals and are the closest living relative to humans, but the amounts of violent, aggressive and lethal chimpanzee attacks that occur are increasing. Chimpanzee violence is getting more and more … Keep Reading

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Grass or Killer

Grass is everywhere around us. This green plant-life form has many benefits including the prevention of erosion and cleansing of the air. But what if there was a type of grass that could harm Earth’s environment?

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Bees: The Truth About The Sting

Image from Wikimedia Commons When people see a bee buzzing close to them, it is instinct to run and panic. Bees have been known to sting when they feel threatened, but what most people wonder is, do bees really die … Keep Reading

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What Is Acid Rain?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Rain is an essential factor for life to thrive on earth. Worldwide, people benefit from the rain alongside flora and fauna. Nowadays, precipitation in many places has become contaminated and as a result, it is more … Keep Reading

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