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The Other Side

Where The Grass Is Always Greener


Dinoflagellates are giving off blue light in this image of bioluminescence Image from Wikimedia Commons Have you ever wondered how fireflies produce and emit the small light on their bodies? The light, which is also called bioluminescence, is the result … Keep Reading

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Happiness and Age

Image from Wikimedia Commons We all wish to be happy in life and will spend time and money in the pursuit of happiness. As we age the things that make us happy may change. When we are little we may … Keep Reading

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Gatorade vs. Water Controversy

For many years, Gatorade and water have been in controversy on which beverage is better for during activities and on a regular day basis. Gatorade is great in fruity taste that has been popularized by sports teams, athletes etc. The … Keep Reading

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The Adaptation of Beaks

Image from Wikimedia Commons There are over ten-thousand species of birds in the world. All birds have similar characteristics such as they are all warm blooded, reproduce by laying eggs, have wings (but not all can fly), and have beaks … Keep Reading

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Duckweed (Lemna minor)Image from Wikimedia Commons The name of this plant may throw you off, but do not be fooled because this tiny little weed has the potential for big plans.

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Siberian Salamanders, They Like to Chill-Out

Siberian salamanders (Salamandrella keyserlingii), they are found mainly in Siberia, in wet woods and riparian groves, also found in northern Kazakhstan and Mongolia, northeastern China, and on the Korean Peninsula. The diet of the Siberian salamander is mostly composed of … Keep Reading

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Squee Spree

Quokka (Setonix brachyurus)Image from Wikimedia Commons The Quokka is one of the smallest Wallaby species with a short tail, small hind legs, and a rounded compact body. Its dense fur is fairly coarse and usually brown or grey in color, … Keep Reading

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Meet The Blobfish

Being voted the “World’s Ugliest Animal” during 2013, it should not come as a surprise that the Blobfish had claimed such an impressive title. Its signature “sad faced” look is a result of its low density flesh which deforms when … Keep Reading

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Unit 8 Exam – Tuesday, March 11th

Our exam for Unit 8 will take place in class on Tuesday, March 11th. The focus of this exam is Molecular Genetics, which is covered in Chapter 11 of your textbook. Due to the technical nature of the material in … Keep Reading

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