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The Other Side

Where The Grass Is Always Greener


Antibiotics are medicines that help fight off only bacterial infections but have to be used correctly so they fully get rid of the infection. Antibiotics are very unique medicines but have to be used right. Antibiotic have to follow a … Keep Reading

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“Elementally” Amazing Facts About the Periodic Table

Whether it is a gas, liquid, or solid; reactive or stable; naturally made or man made, the 118 building blocks each has its own chemically unique properties — and certain shared ones too! They react with each other in many … Keep Reading

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Obesity is a very concerning issue in United States. Obesity means excessive amount of body fat in relation to the BMI that is 30 percent over the normal weight for a specified height. Between 1980 and 2000, obesity rates haves … Keep Reading

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Disappearing From the Deep

Image from Wikimedia Commons About forty years ago sharks swarmed our oceans. Due to years of over hunting the shark population has dramatically declined. The 1970’s through the 1980’s, La Paz Mexico was flooded with hundreds of Hammerhead sharks. There, … Keep Reading

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Why Do Wolves Howl?

Image from Wikimedia Commons I recently did some reading on animal behavior and communication. In one area of study, biologists still don’t know why wolves howl. They aren’t sure if wolves do it for communication, or if it’s caused by … Keep Reading

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How Are We Affecting Our Environment?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Have you thought about how the simple things we do can affect the environment? From simple tasks as going to the grocery store, to things like starting an industry that emits contaminants, we are changing our … Keep Reading

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How Big Can A Person Get?

People have been getting bigger as time has progressed. 150 years ago, the average person was 10cm shorter than the average person today. Better nutrition and medical care early in life lets us take advantage of our genes that control … Keep Reading

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Natural Selection

Charles DarwinImage from Wikimedia Commons “Multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.” This quote was said by Charles Darwin in The Origin of Species. Natural selection, where should I start? Well, natural selection, commonly defined as “survival … Keep Reading

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Never Wet

Never wet is a spray that you can put on items and they are instantly super hydrophobic. You put the base coat on a couple of times and then the top coat and then let it dry. Once it is … Keep Reading

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Unit 2 Exam – October 2nd

Our second unit exam will take place in class on Wednesday, October 2nd. The Unit 2 Test Preparation Checklist (TPC) is now available. The TPC is intended to help students know what to expect on the exam, including the type … Keep Reading

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