Unit 6 Exam – Wednesday, March 6th & Thursday, March 7th

The second exam of the semester will take place on Wednesday, March 6th (Free Response) and Thursday, March 7th (Multiple Choice). The focus of this exam is Patterns of Inheritance, which is covered in Chapters 6 & 7 of your textbook.

Due to the technical nature of the material in this unit, the activities on the REVIEW page will be especially helpful in preparation for this exam. The Patterns of Inheritance Practice Exam is highly recommended. Questions from an alternative in-class review game are also available for you to review.

Remember that the Test Preparation Checklist (TPC) is intended to help students know what to expect on the exam, including the type and number of questions. The study log on the back of the TPC is to be completed and turned it in on the day of the test. Students who complete the TPC will earn a point back of the exam.

As with our other unit exams, the multiple choice part of the exam will be taken on the classroom computers using the ExamView Player software.

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