Infectious Diseases

I believe that society is up for more struggles as more infectious diseases come into our world. Although many scientists and researchers believe that we have enough technology and vaccines that can help people cure or prevent diseases, there is still a chance for more infectious diseases to invade us. In 2009, the H1N1 influenza also known as “Swine Flu” was an infectious disease that was very powerful and harmed many people. People are starting to worry about the possibility of new diseases to come in the future or older diseases that we have had to deal with in the past. Also, many people have stopped taking the vaccines that are needed to stay healthy because they believe that some vaccines can cause Autism. This is very concerning because some of the vaccines that are not being given to them, like the whooping cough vaccine, will cause more harm to people and it can spread easier.

There are two major categories of these infections, one of them are the newly emerging diseases and the other infectious diseases are the reemerging ones. Newly emerging infectious diseases are defined as diseases that are recognized in humans for the first time ever. Reemerging infectious diseases are defined as diseases that have affected humans throughout history and continue to show. An example of newly emerging diseases includes SARS, also known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which started in infected bats but then spread to humans. After that people started to spread SARS to each other either in person to person contact in confined spaces or in hospitals. Another example of newly emerging infectious diseases that most people have heard about is the Black Death pandemic from the 14th century in Europe. This was a new disease to everyone in Europe and it spread like wildfire. A lot of people were infected from the hospitals themselves due to the extreme number of people that were infected in the area at the same time. Examples of the reemerging infectious diseases include the Dengue and West Nile Virus. These viruses appeared many years ago and have adapted to our environments and have changed because of humans. I think that scientists will never fully be able to get rid of these infectious diseases. I think that vaccines can be made that will either prevent new ones from infecting us, or get rid of the ones that have already infected us. This is why it is important for people to get their vaccinations because it will be able to try and eliminate the disease so not as many people will be harmed by it ever again. Scientists and researchers have said that the reemerging infectious diseases have become more controllable because of the technology we have today. I believe that we have reached the ability to help protect people from many different diseases that have harmed people in the past. But, I still do not think that we are at the point where we will be able to eliminate every single disease once and for all. I think that in the future we will still have to struggle with all of the new infectious diseases to come.

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