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The topic I have chosen for my blog is symbiosis, its intriguing how two separate organisms can become intertwined and then inseparable to give both a foreseeable pay off of each other’s needs. I found that it is odd how to organisms can be able to fuse together so perfectly that they don’t seem like two organisms at first instead they look like one larger organism. Most of these symbiotic relationships are between a host and a bacterial guest that slowly integrates itself into the host organism. I thought it was also interesting how the host organism doesn’t mind being attached to another organism that lives inside of it. An example of one of these relationships is the squid – vibrio model, the main exchange of material or other needs is the ability for the bacterium to produce light which is useful for the squid. It is odd how the host organism isn’t usually bothered by a symbiotic relationship, it seems like it would feel like something is feeding off it too much at some point and would try to dispatch the bacterium. Most of these bacterium attach themselves deep inside the organism to where they can’t be reached easily or at all. To me it would seem like symbiotic relationships would be hard to develop because as the bacterium fuses to the host I would think the host would notice and dispatch it, host organisms during symbiosis actually do dispatch the defective organisms like in the squid – vibrio model where the squid removes the defective organisms from its crypt where they live inside of it. After reading about this model of symbiosis it seems interesting how around 90% of the symbiotic population within the squids light organ is expelled each day. In most symbiotic relationships it would go to reason that most of the population is kept, unless the population needs to be replaced since they have lived their short lives within the relationship. Thinking about all the things that symbiosis accomplishes makes me wonder how many different relationships they are and how they are accomplished, it also sparks the point can humans have symbiotic relationships? The idea of symbiosis also makes me question what makes a specific species a valid host and another unable to host for the bacterium to colonize, although it probably has to do with the area the organisms originated in and the bacterium’s advantage to the relationship for the host organism. Symbiosis is intriguing because its allows two organisms to become so intertwined they look and act like one organism until they are scanned to see the small organisms or are discovered in some other way to reveal their secret partnership. It is also surprising to me that after they have bonded together for a time they become so dependent on each other that they become inseparable and at that point if they are separated usually one will die, being unable to carry out certain functions on its own. These are some of the reasons and my opinions on why symbiosis is a fascinating part of life for many organisms.

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