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There are lots of topics in biology that I have an interest on. This is because there are lots of things in biology that are very interesting. But the most fascinating one for me would be HIV and Aids. This is the most interesting for me because I have noted that in the past twenty years the death rate for HIV has suddenly dropped.

In the lecture review I did last semester I found out that there is a treatment that could help patients who have HIV or AIDS. The treatment is called AZT also known as Zidovudine. It stops the growth of HIV by disabling the protein from growing. Without the protein the HIV inside the HIV in the body cannot grow. There have been lots of patients cured by this treatment. This is not officially a cure because sometimes the HIV can become AZT resistant. For people even thirty years ago HIV meant a death sentence. Now there is a high chance that the person could actually survive living with HIV.

There has been lots of changes to death statistics for people living with HIV. The most percentage of HIV is from male to male sex. Even though the rate of people living with HIV has increased very much the rate of death has decreased. There are over a million people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States. The country that has the highest HIV/AIDS rate is South Africa with over six million people living with AIDS. That is more than 15% of their population. Also there are about thirty-four million people in the world who are currently living with HIV or AIDS. Even though these numbers are growing in size the rate of death for people with HIV is slowly decreasing. There has to be new ways to educate people for treatment and telling them that they have a chance to survive.

The death rate for HIV is still pretty high. One of the main reasons for that is most people do not know about the treatments. These are mainly in a poverty area. HIV and AIDS have a huge toll in the continent of Africa. This is mostly because there are lots of people in Africa who are currently living in poverty. These people do not know about the treatment and they die with AIDS. So what UNICEF is doing is they are educating people in impoverished area about the treatments of HIV and AIDS. This can help people who are currently living in an impoverished area and are dealing with HIV.

There are lots of other ways to stop HIV from growing in population. One of the main objectives is to educate kids about sex. UNICEF is currently doing a HIV game in South African classrooms where kids get a glass of water where there are instructions about what to do. In the end some of the water is supposed to be infected by HIV. Educating kids about HIV will tell the children about unprotected sex can lead to anything and you could never tell what your partner has unless they get tested.

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