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  1. Will Biggar says:

    Title- Overweight Danes Are More likely to have Overweight dogs
    Authors- University of Copenhagen
    Title of website-
    Date- September 19, 2019

    The article talks about how overweight dogs and overweight owners have been linked to Each other. When the owner is overweight the dog has a way more likely chance to be overweight as well. This is mostly because the owner is too lazy to walk their dog and get them the right amount of exercise that they are needing. Another reason that the dogs are becoming overweight is because the owners of the dogs usually don’t have a good diet and when they are eating they feed their dogs small pieces of their food which will build up overtime correlating with the amount of exercise to eventually become overweight. Obesity does take a big toll on dogs heath as well, studies show that dogs that are overweight have a smaller lifespan of about 1.3 years! Average weight owners tend to use treats for purposes such as training, tricks, and other things of that purpose, where overweight owners use treats to comfort their dogs or just give treats at randoms times not even for accomplishing anything good. The researchers also looking into if fixing a dog would have to do anything with their eating habits or exercise routine, they found out that in fixed boy dogs have a 3 times higher chance of being overweight or obese. The reason for this is the fixing seems to affect the dogs ability to regulate appetite in the males body. What is interesting is that they also reached this in female dogs and it seemed to have no effect if the female was fixed or not in correlation to the weight of the dog.

    PR- I think that controlling your animals weight is a big issue, There are many cons of having an obese dog. First of all your four legged friend will die earlier which I’m sure no one wants to see, so keeping your dog in good shape is a good thing. And it can come with some benefits as well, if your walking your dog everyday it is also benefiting you because you are getting exercise and bonding with your dog. So my reaction is that dog owners should be more aware of the health risks that come with having an overweight dog and should do things to prevent that

  2. Will Biggar says:

    Title- Powerful new synthetic vaccines to combat epidemics

    Authors- University of Bristol

    Title of website-
    Date- September 27 2019

    The plague of virus around our world is definitely a real thing. Every year different viruses take a toll on our world’s population especially in third world countries that don’t have the resources to stop breakouts. A new and upcoming challenge is Chikunguny, a virus spread by the bite of an infectious mosquito that will cause intense fevers, vomiting, swelling of limbs, and even death. Even after is treated you can end up with chronic issues like joint pain and other things. Scientist are teaming up to make vaccines thermostable. They found that if they use a protein to resemble a virus than after many months the vaccine is still stable without refrigeration. To approve their structure, the researchers utilized cryo-electron microscopy, a ground-breaking new method as of late introduced in Bristol’s cutting edge microscopy office headed by Christiane Schaffitzel, co-creator of the investigation. Cryo-EM yields exceptionally huge informational indexes from which the structure of an example can be resolved at close to nuclear goals. With further development vaccines with be able to be developed and used to battle the new outbreaks happening around the world. With the fact that the vaccines that they are developing don’t have to be refrigerated makes it easier for them to distribute it out throughout the world.
    PR- With all the outbreaks happening the new vaccines being made are a really good thing for the world. Especially for the third world countries that struggle to keep people safe during outbreaks because lack of resources and funds. Now since these vaccines don’t have to be refridged it will make it easier for the warmer climate areas to fight the outbreaks and further prevent more from happening as science and knowledge increases.

  3. Will Biggar says:

    Title- People eat more when dining with friends and family

    Authors- University of Birmingham

    Title of website-
    Date- Oct 4, 2019

    A recent study from the university of birmingham shows that when people go out to eat or eat with friends that they are more likely to consume more food. The reason for this is because back in the old days when our ancestors would hunt they would eat in groups to protect food insecurity and this survival mechanism is still active inside of our body which is why we tend to eat more in groups. But when eating with strangers it is different. They found out that when people eat with strangers that they are not as familiar with they tend to eat less food. Individuals need to pass on positive impressions to outsiders. Choosing little parts may give a method for doing as such and this might be the reason the social assistance of eating less among gatherings of strangers. The studies show that we choose based on the impression that we want to make, by choosing what we eat and how much of it we eat. This is more prominent in women when eating with men, they want to impress the male but they don’t want to be judged for overeating. The same process has been observed in other species such as rats, chickens, gerbils and other animals.

    PR- I think that is is very interesting to see how we have evolved and adapted over the years as the human race. And to see that some of the old survival skills that we had wired into our systems to keep us alive is still prominent in our bodies is pretty cool, it is also cool to see how is affects us now and how it could have been useful back in the day but now it isn’t really helpful to us at all anymore.

  4. Will Biggar says:

    Title- Children told lies by parents tend to lie more as adults

    Authors- Nanyang Technological University

    Title of website-
    Date- Oct 2, 2019

    A singoporian research group asked 379 singouporian young adults whether their parents told them lies when they were children, how much they lie to them now, and how well they adapt to adulthood challenges. The adults who reported being lied to more often than others are more likely to lie to their parents now, they also mentioned is was harder for them to face physiological and social challenges. The researchers said that when parents lie to their kids when they are young the consequences when they grow up could be pretty bad. It could make them not be able to be as honest when they grow up because they learned lying from their parents. It also puts a strain on the kids ability when he grows up to face challenges that are thrown his way. The study found that children parented by lying could put youngsters at a more serious danger of creating issues that the general public frowns upon, for example, aggression, rule-breaking and interruptive behaviour. The parents need to be aware of the risks that come with telling their kid false info or in other words lying.

    PR- New parents need to be aware with the outcomes with lying to their kids. Some parents now days will use lying to discipline their kids by saying things such as “better start acting up or else I will throw you in the ocean with the sharks. Saying stuff like this teaches the kids to lie and can later down the road force hardships with facing challenges.

  5. Will Biggar says:

    Title- Air pollution linked to premature death.

    Authors- Monash University

    Title of website-
    Date- August 21, 2019

    New studies show that increases in total deaths are linked to the exposure to inhabatile products, these are emitted through atmospheric transformation. This was the largest study on pollution in a 30 year period. The professor continues to discuss the effect long term that pollution has on the human body, the smaller particles in the air can penetrate deeper into the lungs causing more damage ultimately leading to death. The human body adapts to the levels of pollution around the area that you live in. This was discovered by the scientist looking at the effects of particles on australians bodies. The results were something to see, the particles affected the australians bodies more than a New Yorkers body. This is because the people in Australia don’t experience as much toxic levels in the environment that they live in as a New Yorker. The Auzzies body hasn’t been able to build the type of protection as a person that has lived in a more toxic environment. This was surprising to look at because I feel like the human body would just break down over time rather than try to develop a way to fight what is hurting it.

    PR- The effects of pollution on the earth is really bad and it shows. It is starting to take a toll on the human body and we need to do something to stop it. It is getting so bad that the earth is starting to go downhill really fast and it could be a reality for the world to end sooner than later. We need to do something it is getting so bad to the point that we are looking for other planets to move to. It is also getting in our lungs and hurting us so we need to make a change. I think this topic is a part of a bigger picture that is very serious

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