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  1. Kendall Dickerson says:

    Title: Synthetic Biology Used to Target Cancer Cells While Sparing Healthy Tissue
    Author(s): Krista Conger
    Published by: Science Daily
    Date: May 2, 2019

    Article Summary: The use of two proteins can detect reactive pathways and kill cells that can cause cancer. Students at Stanford University call this system new system RASER. Though it was only tested on individual cells, many predict that the RASER will be able to advance the development of cancer treatment and make it more customized to the person and not cause the side effects of regular chemotherapy. Many parts of the body can give signals of cancer to chemo treatment that the chemo attacks healthy tissue. With the RASER though, it will be able to detect the actual signs of cancer and work to kill those cells. These two proteins are fused together with one acting as a receptor to track the cancers while the other is the one that does the work in killing the cancers. This system is currently only being tested on those with breast or lung cancer. RASER is also being tested to remove tumors and any other disease that kills cells. It has also been tested to recognize different situations if the cancer mutates into something stronger and report that to the doctors caring for the patient. Though it has not been proven how RAZER affects the immune system, many think that this should be a revolutionary tool to bring into the medical field one day.

    Personal Reaction: RASER is definitely a scientific advancement that should be put into effect on people that need the treatment. Yes it could be a dangerous procedure at first, but because of the adaptability of RASER, I think that it will be able to adapt to the complicated environment of the human body.

  2. Kendall Dickerson says:

    Article Summary: Computers of the past have almost always applied to Moore’s Law, in which the amount of components a computer can hold can double in one year. But, because biotech is now aiming to be added as a feature in next generation computers, this could blow Moore’s Law out of proportion. But it would also bring a blow to funding with fabrication costs in building the computer becoming unable to pay. Biology being added to computers would need components to be added at a scale of 10 nanometers. Though, students at Purdue University were up for this challenge. They were inspired by biological membrane structures to make computers that could run at incredible speeds. The catch is that they solved this by using small amounts of water. It seems as if technology and water were never something to combine, but to the student’s surprise, the water seemed to work well with the new computing systems, even if the amount was extremely scarce. Based on recent years, technology has seemed to become immune to being exposed to water because of the newer waterproofing technologies in phones and tablets, So it seems ironic that to have a better computing system, you would need water.

    Personal Reaction: I think that we need computers that can run at higher speeds no matter the extent of technology. We live in a world where everything around us is changing and we need technological advances to keep up with those changes. I feel that it is quite interesting how we can use water to make computers not only run faster, but include features such as longer battery life, more storage, and more running speeds for things such as gaming.

  3. Kendall Dickerson says:

    Title: New theory deepens understanding of Turing patterns in biology
    Author(s): Diego, X
    Published by: Science Daily
    Date: 6/20/18

    Article Summary: The different things in this world that can come from different biological standpoints is extraordinary. Though many are extraordinary, many patterns that come up from biology can be confusing. Though, Turing’s theory helps humanity understand different patterns from biology to astrophysics. This can explain why our hands are shaped the way they are and how sunflowers have a radial pattern in their center. Though, this pattern isn’t the most stable, as most things in biology are unpredictable based on testing of the past. Though, thanks to newer studies coming from Xaiver Deigo, this theory may be more flexible than perceived. For example, studies of Graph Theory can be used by developing different mathematical trains to make working with Turing’s theory easier than before. Because of this branch of mathematics, scientists are able to determine different patterns of combining two nodes and allows humans to combine any two objects that can go together and predict the product of those two reactants. This can be applied to and very much help in the field of tissue engineering. Tissue engineering is when cells are combined to either reform or create new tissue for bones and muscles, with the ability to see different patterns within tissues and see what is needed for it, this can bring much more happier and healthier patients in the medical field.

    Personal Reaction: I think that the ability to predict biological patterns and accurately guess what different reactants will produce is one of the best skills we have as human beings. I am also surprised that this theory can be applied to subjects other than biology and help us better understand different reasons on where we are in the universe and why we are there.

  4. Kendall Dickerson says:

    Title: There is No Evidence That a Single ‘Gay Gene” exists
    Author(s): Tina Hesman Saey
    Published by: Science News
    Date: 6/29/19

    Article Summary: The topic of Homosexuality has been around for many years. Many may question where it comes from and why it came to exist. Previous studies have shown that it is based on family genetics and that sexual behavior was based on SNPs. Turns out though, SNP behavior does not interpret attraction towards others, in fact, SNP rate take up very little of the body while studies of the past have shown that 32% of homosexuality rates are heireditary. Though, some variants can show that of gay tendencies such as being related to male pattern baldness and the ability to smell certian chemicals can dictate tenencies. This can also bring the conversation of sexuality as a spectrum in which comes in the sexualites of Bi, Pan, and Poly. This certain scale was known as the Kinsey scale, in which based on arousal towards certain images. This test was proven towards researchers as more accurate towards people than relying on genetic results. Though, it isn’t just genetics that can play a role in someone’s partner preferences, many factors including culture and developmental situations can deeply affect a person’s orientation. So, based on recent studies and the mass acceptance across the world of the spectrum of sexualities, it has been scientifically ruled out that members of the LGBT+ community are a part of it not by choice, but to be themselves as human beings.

    Personal Reaction: I think that this article definitely sheds more light on a topic that should be accepted by more people. As human beings, I believe that we all deserve a chance to be treated as equals and shouldn’t be cast away because of the people they love. People should be proud of who they are and shouldn’t be ruled out as a genetic mystery. As a person with friends apart of this community, I am very glad that it has been tested whether it is genetic or not and hasn’t been ruled out as a mystery.

  5. Kendall G Dickerson says:

    Title: CRISPR Enters its First Human Clinical Traits
    Author(s): Tina Hesman Saey
    Published by: Science News
    Date: 8/14/2019

    Article Summary: Out of 100,000 babies born, 5 to 7 of those babies are born with a genetic disorder that can negatively impact their daily activities. Though many people learn to live with these disorders, there could be a new advancement on the rise that could change the genetics down to the strands of DNA. This invention is called CRISPR, it has recently begun testing in humans to prove how this invention can positively affect appearance, state of mind, and routines. This invention is being tested right now on people with inherited blindness, the best routine to try and lessen the amount is to use the CRISPR’s molecular scissors on the eyes. If these tests come around with good results, it can open up a wide range of opportunities for curing disorders that seemed hopeless to experts for a cure. How it works is that it cuts out the disorderly genes and replaces it with healthy genes or stem cells, which are known to be able to get rid of cancer. Though, these tests haven’t turned out well, since the disease only ended up progressively getting worse. This ended up in the death of an 18 year old named Jesse Gelslinger. Though, with the technology we have today, we may be able to make progress with what we have and be able to live in a world without these disorders.

    Personal Reaction: I think that this would be a great invention for people who wouldn’t want to live with disorders like this. But, I feel as if it is too risky to test on humans again, especially this early on in the invention of it.

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