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  1. Chase Wernimont says:

    Title: Powerful new synthetic vaccines to combat epidemics
    Autor :Charles Vragniau
    Published by: Science daily
    Date: 9/29/19
    Article summery:
    There has been many outbreaks of diseases that can be stoped. Vaccines can easily help control the out breaks. A diseases named Chikungunya has recently been causing problems. The disease is spread by mosquitos and has extremely harsh side effects. Researchers and scientists have teamed up to try and find a way to prevent the spread. The way they have looked into is a vaccination. Vaccinations are extremely useful. They are using computers to figure out how to make vaccines withstand warm temperatures. They discovered a protein that acts like the virus that is safe. They are now using more moderen technology to figure out how to create a harmless solution to put in vaccines.

    Personal refection
    I believe that this type of technology is extremely useful for many different types of outbreaks. The computers are not just for one of the diseases but it can help with every outbreak that happens. In class we have learned about some diseases that will go for the dna in a cell to attack it. But we have not gone into to much detail about it. This means that the computers may be trying to figure out how to stop the disease from entering getting to the dna.

  2. Chase Wernimont says:

    No Need To Cut Down Red and Processed Meat
    Bradley C. Johnston
    Science Daily
    Article summary:
    Different studies have said that adults do not need to cut back on their meat intake. They have looked at how much the meat affects the chances of you getting heart diseases. They did a test with 54000 people and the results said that the meat did not affect the chances of heart disease. The study branched out to why people eat meat. People said they found it as health food and good for you. Most people said they would most likely not stop eating meat. It is then said that people should still choose to eat what is best for them. You have to listen to your body.

    Personal reflection:
    I have always thought of red meat as somewhat bad for you. Just because it has fat in it. But according to this research, it may not be that bad. In this research, it says people would even call it healthy. I still believe that we should not extremely large amounts of red meat or only red meat. It makes sense to me that if we have a healthy mix of all the categories of food we should have a healthy diet. In class, we have talked about some proteins in the meat. We have also talked about where some of the fat goes that was on the meat.

  3. Chase Wernimont says:

    Title: People eat more when dining with friends and family
    Author: Helen K Ruddock
    Published by: Science Daily
    Article summary: People are eating more when they are with other people. In a study 48% more food was ate than when you eat by yourself. the reason we do eat more food is because of our roots. One reason is because eating with people is more fun than eating by yourself. That means that you could lose track of how much you ate. Also, overeating, when you are with people, is more “acceptable” than undereating. People want to fit in too. That means eating as much as others. This can turn into a competition without you even realize you are doing it.

    Personal Reflection: I can personally say that I overeat a lot when I am around people. I do it all the time whether I am with my friends or family. So I am not very surprised when I found out that other people do the same thing. But the article also says that with people that we are very familiar with you may not eat as much. That is because you already feel like you belong with them. I think that this can be a problem though. If people continue to overeat then they will eventually become obese unless they find some way to work it off. This is not a good thing for us.

  4. Chase Wernimont says:

    Title: Bumblebee Workers Sleep Less While Caring For Young
    Author: Mosha Nagari
    Published by: Science Daily
    Article summary: When bumblebees have young life to take care of they sleep less. Sleeping has very similar patterns with insects and humans. So naturally to scientists thought that being sleep deprived would affect the bee’s life and how it acted. This conclusion was wrong. The bees were not affected at all by the lack of sleep. The artic said that usually when animals are sleep deprived they produce a chemical that has harmful effects on the bee. But the sleep-deprived bees never got the chemicals. The bees did not even need to be feed. Some animals can give up less sleep in times of need. Like birds sleep less when they are migrating.

    Personal reaction: This is extremely surprising that being sleep deprived has zero effects on the bees. I would have thought they would have reacted a lot like humans do and have being sleep deprived affect their performance. In class, we have gone over some animals in class and how different chemicals affect them. I am wondering at what point the bees body would stop working? Because sleep is necessary but they don’t have any negative effects to tell them they need sleep. So what would happen if they just stopped sleeping?

  5. Chase Wernimont says:

    Title: Was early stick insect evolution triggered by birds and mammals?
    Author: Sabrina Simon
    Published by: Science Daily
    Article summary: Stick insects have a large body and are very well blended in with their environment. They have extremely thin arms and legs. Scientists think that this very odd species might have evolved from mammals. Scientists knew before that they had an extremely large background of animals that they evolved from. New studies have linked old mammals evolving into this odd species. All of this research is important because it is changing how we think of evolution. This is opening tons of doors to figuring out what different species evolved from originally. Scientists are using this stick insect as a “model” organism in the evolution process.
    Personal Reflection: I believe that this new research is amazing It is allowing scientists to figure out what so many different organisms evolved from. They have opened unlimited possibilities. Also, it should be shocking in itself that this extremely odd insect evolved from mammals. In class, we have talked about the tree of evolution. We then talked about how there were so many things that are connected it does not even look like a tree anymore. Also, we learned that everything evolved from one bacteria. So every living thing is related somehow or in some way. Right now we are just trying to figure how they are related and how they are related. I am almost positive there will be even more shocking results form these tests.

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