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  1. Charlie Olm-Shipman says:

    Mutant Cells team up to an even deadlier blood cancer
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Science Daily
    October 2 2019

    The two genes IDH2 and SRSF2 did not have to have much to do with cancer up until research that was recently discovered about how they can do awful things to people and has resulted in many deaths. These two genes combine to make something called AML (Acute myelogenous leukemia) which is a new type of blood cancer that has just been discovered. The two genes that are involved in creating this type of blood cancer have been known in the starting symptoms of cancer but have never actually caused any type of cancer. Due to all of the research that has been put in scientist might think that this is a big reason people do get cancer. This will not very likely affect me in my daily life or in many people around me because, first of all, it is a type of cancer and nobody I really know has cancer. Also, it is very unlikely for this person to get blood cancer and it has the two mutation cells that would bond to most likely kill the person. So overall this is quite unlikely but in the case, this would happen it would be tragic and slow and painful. Blood cancer has some symptoms that would be extremely painful, such as fevers over 38º, unexplained weight loss or bruises, and very bad night sweats.
    Personal reflection: Although all of this may seem like this could never happen to you or the person your sitting next to or anybody. It always is a possibility and if it does you just need to be prepared. Being prepared by noticing the symptoms and their pain as soon as you can so you can get them to the doctor and get them on the right medication early so they can stay with you longer.

  2. Charlie Olm-Shipman says:

    People Eat more with Friends and Family
    University of Birmingham
    Science Daily
    October 4 2019
    Studies show that when people eating with their family, friends, or at a party will tend to eat 48% more than people who would just eat by themselves. The University of Birmingham did a study that showed all of the 42 people they tested ate more with their relatives than by themself. In ancient times, they used to bring back food for the tribe and they would all eat it together and there would always be nothing left because people don’t have as much insecurity when it comes to eating with other people. A reason people eat more with others is that it is more enjoyable for everybody because you can talk to them laugh with them and have a good time while eating. Another positive effect of eating with friends and family is that you will become closer to them because they have given you their meal and their food and they have shared time with you and talked to them. This is good to help build relationships with people who you are not very close to or who you are not great friends with. In some cases, though people may take smaller portions for the main reason that they don’t want to be rude to the people who are new to them. This could come across rude to the other people because if they take a lot of food on the first time they eat together they would think about how much more they would have to prepare because of you.

    Personal Reflection: This article was very interesting because I think that I eat more by myself because nobody is looking and I can eat what I what and when I want. While I’m with friends and family I try to be more polite and not be rude by eating a lot.

  3. Charlie Olm-Shipman says:

    Dog owners often inaccurately measure out kibble
    University of Guleph
    Science Daily
    October 7 2019

    This article is talking about how humans give out the wrong amount of dog food to their dogs pretty consistently. From some studies, it is shown that the owners will feed 48% to little dog food or as much as 158% to much dog food. This may seem like not that big of a deal but this can lead to many harmful things to our little furry friends. Such as obesity/weight gain, diseases, or undernourishment. The biggest problem with this is that the owners will feed their dogs just to much food because they are simply too lazy to correctly check. It could sound like a hassle to weigh out your dog’s food and they put it in the bowl but this will end up making the difference with the health of your pet. But if you were not fortunate enough to be able to buy a scale just for your dog’s food you could still use much more accurate measuring tools.

    Reflection: I think that this article was interesting because for the most part, I have a do. I feed my dog every single day and never really think twice about maybe how I gave a little to much or could have given a lot more. Now I don’t think that I have an obese 200-pound dog or a skinny 60-pound dog. So, for the most part, I think that the effects of feeding your dogs are truly depending on if you are 100% paying attention and maybe to miss a scoop of food or maybe give and extra. This article is just pretty much a warning to what could happen to your dog if you were to be a lazy human being and not think about our pets. I am surely going to think about this the next time I feed my dog.

  4. Charlie Olm-Shipman says:

    Another casualty of climate change? Recreational Fishing
    North Carolina State University
    Science Daily
    October 7 2019
    This article is talking about how all of the climate change is going to affect many things and one of the newest victims could be recreational fishing. The reason for this is because the participation is going way up the lakes and oceans are getting dirtier and it is overall getting harder for these fishers to do what they love. When you have gone fishing in your life you have most likely caught a fish that could have taken 20 minutes or 2 hours. The feeling is the same you feel accomplished and proud of yourself. What this article is saying is that with all of the climate change all of these memories will slowly be decreasing until none in future years. It is to be said that if nothing changes in 2080 the number of recreational fishers will be decreased by about 15%. This is just something that does not need to happen but as everything is changing a lot of things will be affected by this climate change. Recreational fishing is just one of the many different activities that are being affected by all of the changes going on.

    Personal Reflection: I think that this article is very interesting and kind of sad. I mean I have gone fishing a lot with my dad and have made a lot of memories with him from doing this but now that it could be slowly decreasing just because of the climate is kind of disappointing. For all of the people who are good at fishing, they are going to have t realize that it is going to only get harder and harder. As these conditions go by it is said that they will be noticeable.

  5. Charlie Olm-Shipman says:

    Urban, Home gardens could help curb food insecurity, health problems.
    Science Daily
    October 7 2019

    This article talks about how all of the people who work for the community are giving to these organizations which can give back in the community to the people who need it the most. These reporters followed this organization with mostly Latina and Hispanic women interviewing them about what they are doing if they are enjoying it etc. So what they said, for the most part, is that it is just a part of their day that they do to help the community. They will garden any kind of food that they are chosen to do. They will do this for about a year and then the process will repeat. This is not the most efficient way to give food to the community but anything will always help. The best part about all of this is that the cost for all of the projects is not too expensive because there are not many things you will need. Depending on the plant you will need maybe a cage for it water some soil and the seeds. The rest is just up to you and if you want to stay committed to others, not yourself.

    Personal reflection: I think that this whole thing is good for everybody. It is good for the earth to keep things growing and progressing. It is good for you and your soul, it will make you feel good about yourself knowing that you are doing something for someone else just because you care about them and what situation they are in. I have done community work having to do with food but I have never put in a year-long commitment into the same place. The fact that they will do whatever that they can do for their garden without them keeping any of it is just amazing.

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