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  1. Ashton Barker says:

    Title: In a climate crisis, is geoengineering worth the risks?
    Author(s): Carolyn Gramling
    Published by: Science News
    Date: 10/4/19
    Article Summary: Global warming is slowly becoming a bigger and bigger topic. Many people think that geoengineering is the way to go, scientists want to try conducting experiments such as blocking solar radiation before it gets in the atmosphere and adding iron to the ocean to try to encourage carbon-sequestering algae.Also another suggestion solution is to cover the west artic with snow. On the other hand many people think that these experiment’s cons outweigh the pros for example with blocking solar radiation it could possibly alter weather and effect crop growth. Many are torn on the argument because as sea levels rise so do tension. There are government project in place for the research of geoengineering but currently there isn’t very much funding for those projects.
    Personal Reaction: I think it is important to realize these things are happening, but there are some risks to fixing these problems. I do think the risks do outweigh the reward in some cases for example one of the cons for adding iron to the oceans contents was that it would affect the life of many deep sea creatures. Though I still think it important to do whatever we can to prevent or help slow the effect of global warming. I think in the future we will come to some sort of conclusion but there will always be some element of risk. The snow solution reminded me of the unique properties of ice and how I can control the surrounding environment such as temperature or even the greenhouse emissions.

  2. Ashton says:

    Title: New route to Carbon-Neutral Fuels From Carbon Dioxide
    Author(s): Stanford University
    Published by: Stanford University
    Date: 10/4/19
    Article Summary: Scientist are figuring out ways to create fuel out of carbon dioxide. How they found to do it is by using electricity to lower it from CO2 to CO which is a component found in some jet fuels. This has brought up a new possible renewable energy source because when burning fuel and creating the carbon dioxide they then can transfer it back into materials to create more fuel. There are many plans to commercialize this idea so it can be used out in the public for transportation companies and many more. It also help planes and such fly faster, due to the reduced weight of a battery or other fuels. It burns longer by prolonging the death of the cells inside of the fuel therefore allows further flights.
    Personal Reaction: My personal thoughts on this are great. I think this is a way to help our emission problems all at the same time creating more fuel for future growth. Although there are small problems such as using the energy to actually transform the carbon dioxide back. This reminds me of when we were talking about the various atomic elements and how carbon was used in fuels and was in a lot of different things.

  3. Ashton says:

    Title: Reprogrammed skin cells shrink brain tumors in mice
    Author(s): Emma Hiolski
    Published by: American Association for the Advancement of Science
    Date: 10/6/19
    Article Summary: Cancer is a big concern for most people because it often leads to death and there is no guaranteed way to treat it and have it never return. New sources say that skin cells can help resolve cancer which scientists said they found with a mouse. Skin cells have what the article describes as a “homing” ability, which means I it about to lock on or track something. In this case skin cells tract tumors, son of these tumors can be linked to cancer. Now scientists are thinking if they can find a way to encourage these cells to go to a cancer tumor, they might be able to have them deliver medicine to just the right location.
    Personal Reaction: I think that this is a great discovery, because if this is actually possible then that means people with certain types of cancer can have hope in possibly getting cured. I know that a lot of people do have cancer and this is a step in the right direction in terms of finding a cure. All of this article reminds me when we talked about the importance of cells in a living creature. How all the cells in your body work together to help problems your body my occur and the general function of a living creature.

  4. Ashton says:

    Title: Tiny magnetic coils could help break down microplastic pollution

    Author(s): Maria Temming
    Published by: Science News
    Date: 10/6/19
    Article Summary: A new way to decompose of microplastics might be about to help pollution. Small bits of plastic are everywhere on land and in the sea this has potential to harm wildlife. Purification in water requires a chemical compound called peroxymonosulfate that generates things called reactive oxygen species which help break down microplastics. It also helps when the water is heated, it allows the chemicals to break down faster. Many water treatment plants are using this technique as well to insure clean water, but the reaction can’t all way keep up to speed with the amount of water plants typically produce. Also after the plastic is decomposed, it doesn’t affect the surrounding ecosystem.
    Personal Reaction: I think this is a good thing. Personally I try to recycle as much as I can but now and then I throw away plastic and it is nice to know there is a possible solution to these problems. This reminds me of when in class we talked about water being the greatest solvent and therefore it can break down many chemicals. Similar to the oxygen species that break down the plastic inside of water. Also this means that the water we consume and use on a daily basis is able to be cleaned in a more effective and cleaner way.

  5. Ashton says:

    Title: How seafood shells could help solve the plastic waste problem
    Author(s): Carmen Drahl
    Published by: Science News
    Date: 10/7/19
    Article Summary: A lot of people enjoy lobster and crab or other crustaceans, after eating the insides typically you throw it way. Thats were many of the shells are now but now scientists have discovered that these shells many help solve plastic waste problems. Chitin is one of the most abundant organic substances in the world and it is found in plants and some animals such as Crustaceans. It is typically used for bandages due to its non toxicity and also pool cleaners, but new chiten products were being made and they came across a substance similar to styrofoam. This leads to all new possibilities that can replace plastic or foam and substitute a more clean product.
    Personal Reflection: I always support ideas that many help out with the environment, unless it comes to much of a price, but people are eating crabs and lobster anyway so we might as well take advantage of that kind of surplus. This will also help plastic waste stay down and help clean our oceans and landfills. This brings me back to when in class we mentioned chitin when we were talking about plant cells and how it was found in the bark of trees and how it was a strong material.

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