Should Humans Clone?

A blog on the morals and ethics of human and animal cloning

Dolly 03
A sheep named “Dolly” was the first mammal
successfully cloned from an adult cell.
Image from Wikimedia Commons

As cloning animals is getting more cost effective and easy, there comes the question, is it right? There are many pros and cons to the debate about the question of human cloning. Some of the pros include saving lives by using cloned body parts. Infertile individuals will be able to produce their own children that are actually genetically related to them. Cloning would also be a way to selectively choose or selectively not choose certain wanted or unwanted trait/genes. Scientists could also use clones for scientific purposes.

There are also many downsides to cloning. Cloning would make genetically identical individuals, which would lower the genetic diversity, creating the human species as a whole more susceptible and less adaptable to changing conditions, parasites and viruses. Morally and ethically cloning raises many questions. Should humans be able to create second class citizens and how will cloning undermine the value of human life. If all individuals are created equal then do clones have the same rights that regular humans have?

Right know I don’t see cloning becoming widespread in the near future because of mainly two reasons. Almost all religions see cloning against what their god(s) wants them to do. Some religions believe humans have no right to play the role of God and create life themselves. Other religions believe in the natural order of the world and they think that human cloning would be a violation of that order. The second reason is peoples fear towards possible immoral situations if humans are able to clone. Cloning has been a popular topic among science fiction authors for quite a time, and many of them turn into a vicious dystopian type world. Jurassic park is just one of the many pieces of human literature and movies that are about the possibilities of human cloning going bad.

In my opinion, I would like to see some version of specific body part cloning available, however I am very hesitant against and full body human cloning. If specific body part cloning is available, then people needing a liver or lung donation won’t have to wait years for a possible match. It would save lives and as long as the person receives their own cloned body part I don’t think that many people will find moral/ethical issues with cloning. On average eighteen people die every day in the U.S. while awaiting a lifesaving organ transplant that does not include the amount of people who died because their transplant was too late to save their lives. Only a little over 80% of transplants actually work. Cloning would not completely eradicate any failures; however it would eradicate failures when the body rejects the organ.

All-in-all there are many pros and cons to cloning and I think it will remain a heated topic for years to come. I hope to see this technology progress throughout my life. Cloning is now becoming feasible if you like it or not, all we need to do is adapt to this new technology.

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