Research Reports Due on Monday, April 6th

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As you finish writing your research reports, you will once again be citing your references in the introduction section. Here are some guidelines on in-text citations. If you directly copy paragraphs, sentences, or even parts of sentences, you should cite the original source. You also need to cite any thoughts, ideas, and research findings that are not your own.

Plagiarism is easily avoided by simply citing your sources. The key is to openly acknowledge the material that has been copied or borrowed, and provide the reader with the bibliographic information needed to find the original source.

To help you avoid the problem of plagiarism, we will again be using This is an online tool that you can use to detect possible problems with plagiarism and correct them before you submit your work.

To sign up for an account, use the following codes:

ClassClass IDPassword
Hour 28894518biology
Hour 68894527biology

For more information on the topic of plagiarism, check out the following resources:
>> Turnitin Student Quickstart Guide
>> Plagiarism at Wikipedia

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