Never Wet

Never wet is a spray that you can put on items and they are instantly super hydrophobic. You put the base coat on a couple of times and then the top coat and then let it dry. Once it is dry any type of liquid you put on it will slide right off, from water to chocolate syrup and even barbeque sauce.

The link below will take you to a video that demonstrates this using water and chocolate syrup.

This amazing product was demonstrated on a popular morning new show called “The Today Show”; they tried it on one of their cast members Matt Lauer. He sprayed it on his pants the day before and then they tried pouring many different liquids on the pants and it slid right off. They suggested it to all there viewers saying it was a great product and really worked.

Although this is a serious scientific discovery people have found out many ways to use it for fun. Like coating chips in it then going to a restaurant and scooping salsa then tipping the chip over and all the sauce falls off as if it were never there. Another trick people have done using never wet involves a common household item. They unrolled a toilet paper roll and sprayed it down with never wet and carefully rolled it back up. Imagine how surprised you would be if you used toilet paper and nothing would stick to it.

One use for never wet that is more on the serious side is water proofing your iphone. In one of their demonstration videos they took apart an iphone and sprayed it down with never wet. Once the coating was dried they put the phone back together and dropped it into a bucket of water. They waited 10 minutes before taking it out and it worked as good as new.

Although this product has a lot of support and many cool uses there is also a lot of skepticism. There are an equal amount of articles on down sides to never wet as there are about its benefits. Never wet is very toxic and leaves a white chalky like residue on the items being sprayed. Also the effects start to wear off after a couple of hours of use. But you can re apply the spray over and over again so that just adds some work.

This is a very fun and interesting product but also had a lot of work behind it. It is all about the reactions between the atoms and how different substances are hydrophobic but this product is not only hydrophobic it is super hydrophobic because it not only repels water but it repels all liquids in an amazing way not letting them stick at all. They have two different types one made for cloth items and one for plastic and metal. If you do buy never wet make sure you buy the right type for what you plan on using it for.

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