Membrane Function Lab Planning – Hour 1, Group 6

Consider the following questions to help you get started:

  • What variable will you be testing (independent variable)?
  • What variable(s) will you be measuring (dependent variable)?
  • What variables will you hold constant (constant variable)?
  • What evidence would confirm that the stain has crossed the membrane?
  • How will you be confident in the validity of your results?
  • What will you use as a standard of comparison (control group)?

Use the comment form below to discuss the plan for your experiment.

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5 Responses to Membrane Function Lab Planning – Hour 1, Group 6

  1. Jc S. says:

    The prediction is if (hypothesis), the the live yeast will get rid of congo red and the dead yeast will stay red.

  2. Randy Yeh says:

    Concluding from the hypothesis given and the facts that are also given, in this experiment, we can find look at the process of congo red is moving into the cell membrane, and tell either if the cell is alive or not, when a cell is alive, the congo membrane should be kicked out of the cell by force, and if the cell is dead, we shall find out during the experiment that the yeast cell will stay red.

  3. randy y says:

    conclusion: From the hypothesis, we know that dead yeast won’;t be able to use active transport to take out the congo red in the cell and a living cell will. during the experience, we tested the hypothesis by adding congo red into both living and dead yeast cell. The result is expected like the hypothesis, however, some yeat cells in either living or dead cell are not performing the way it suppose to be, that is because some of the cell or either injured, or completely died out, but looking from the bigger scale, most of the cell performed either taking out the congo red or laving the congo red in he cell.

  4. Jc S. says:

    1.Put yeast cells on slide.
    2. Drop congo red on living yeast.
    3. Use paper towel to take out excess congo red.
    4. Record data about the color of the cells
    5. Repeat steps 1-5, but with dead cells.
    6. Plot all the data about the color of the cells on a graph.

  5. Braden W says:

    1) Intoduce problem and develope hypothesis
    2) Gather materials (yeast cells, microscope, red dye, slides)
    3) On seperate slides, place yeast cells on each (one with living cells and one with dead cells)
    4) Insert drop of red dye on each slide
    5) Observe
    6) Record findings

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