Membrane Function Lab Planning – Hour 1, Group 1

Consider the following questions to help you get started:

  • What variable will you be testing (independent variable)?
  • What variable(s) will you be measuring (dependent variable)?
  • What variables will you hold constant (constant variable)?
  • What evidence would confirm that the stain has crossed the membrane?
  • How will you be confident in the validity of your results?
  • What will you use as a standard of comparison (control group)?

Use the comment form below to discuss the plan for your experiment.

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4 Responses to Membrane Function Lab Planning – Hour 1, Group 1

  1. Jillian B. says:

    I think that the corn starch is the controlled variable because you choose how much goes in and control the substance while the red dye is the independent

  2. Claire says:

    For our experiment, I think the congo red will move into the yeast with passive transport and out with active transport. In order to leave the cell, the cell has to use the energy from active transport to do so. We will be testing congo red(the independent variable) against the yeast(the constant) we will be measuring the way the the congo red moves across the membrane

  3. Claire, Jillian, Jaydin says:

    In conclusion, the hypothesis we tested was correct. We observed that when we tested living yeast cells the majority of them were white and when we tested the dead yeast cells, the majority of them were red. During the process, we struggled with finding cells on the microscope. We also had to redo a slide because it didn’t have enough red dye on it. Overall, the cells did use passive transport to move into the yeast cells and active transport to move out of the yeast cells.

  4. Claire, Jillian, Jaydin says:

    first, get a drop of active yeast into the dropper. put one drop on the slide. next, put a drop of Congo red on top of the slide. after that put a cover slip on top of the yeast. repeat the process with dead cells.

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