Do you like tigers? Well there are an endangered species. Tigers are in 13 different countries. We have lost ninety-seven percent of our tigers this century! The six types of endangered tigers are: The Sumatran Tiger, The Amur Tiger, The Bengal Tiger, The Indochinese Tiger, The South China Tiger and The Malayan Tiger. There are less than four hundred Sumatran Tigers. There are around four hundred Amur Tigers. There are fewer than two thousand five hundred Bengal Tigers. They estimated three hundred fifty Indochinese Tigers in 2010. The South China Tigers are believed to be extinct in the wild. No one has seen a South China Tiger in twenty-five years! There are around five hundred Malayan Tigers. If you were to add up all of the six species population. It would add up to less than three thousand two hundred, but we do not have an exact number. On average tigers give birth to two to three cubs every two to two and a half years. But if all cubs were to die, then within five months another “litter” may be produced. Tigers live in areas like, tropical rainforests, evergreen forests, mangrove swamps, grassland, savannas, and temperate forests.

Tigers’ habitats have been destroyed by human activities. Activities like clearing forests for agriculture and timber trade and development activities such as the building of road networks. Also poaching and retributive killing. Fewer tigers can survive in small and scattered islands of habitat. Which lead to a higher risk of inbreeding. The WWF are committed to spend fifty million dollars over the next 5 years on tiger conservation. So what can you do to help? You can donate to the WWF foundation and by not buy products that contain tiger parts.

Fun Facts:

  • One tiger can eat up to 88 pounds of meat at one time.
  • They can weigh from two hundred twenty pounds to six hundred sixty pounds
  • They vary length from four feet to ten feet
  • The tiger is the biggest species of the cat family
  • Tiger cubs leave their mother when they are around 2 years old
  • A group of tigers is known as an ‘streak’ or ‘ambush’
  • Tigers are great swimmers, they can swim up to 4 miles
  • Tigers usually hunt alone at night time
  • Tigers can run as fast as forty miles per hour
  • There are more tigers that are held as pets than there are in the wild
  • Tigers can easily jump over 5 meters in length.
  • A tiger’s canine can reach up to 4 inches long
  • Tigers are the largest type of big cats
  • The oldest fossil of a tiger is about one and a half million years old
  • Most tigers have over one hundred stripes
  • The tiger’s stripe pattern is like a human fingerprint, it identifies individual tigers
  • The gene for white tigers occur in only one out of ten thousand births
  • White tigers are not albinos, they have pigmentation on their dark stripes, blue eyes and pink noses

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