How Are We Affecting Our Environment?

Have you thought about how the simple things we do can affect the environment? From simple tasks as going to the grocery store, to things like starting an industry that emits contaminants, we are changing our place. Even though we cannot change everything by ourselves, we can at least try to do our best into keeping the environment a cleaner place. Humans should think about how they are impacting the environment, and could put in a few changes to try to make a step to changing the place.

A few simple tasks can really change the environment. When you go to store, your car is emitting carbon dioxide into the air. The electricity required to light the store was powered by coal, and for the coal, the mining destroyed an ecosystem. If you are buying a product, for example salad, the ingredients were grown on a farm treated with pesticides that washed into local streams, poisoning fish and aquatic plants. Another example is that if you are buying chicken, it was grown on a factory farm, and made toxic levels of atmospheric methane from its waste. Also the trucks used for getting to goods to the store required fuel which also omitted carbon dioxide into the air.

Not only doing simple things like going to the grocery store can make a difference, but you can also make an impact at home too. What happens when you heat your home? How did that energy come? To power our devices, to where we dump our garbage, and where it ends up, to where our food comes from, this all impacting the environment. The energy has to be made, and for that to be made something has to be omitted into the air.

Big factories and industries also play a part. When they are trying to process something, it is using energy which is being omitted into the air. The nearby animals, and its habitat can get destroyed or affected in some way. The contaminants that are being released are not only harmful to animals, but also humans too, as we are intolerable to such things as pollution. Some examples of this are misguided construction, irrigation, mining, etc. can hurt the natural landscape and the ecosystem. Other examples that hurt animals and a certain type of species are overfishing, hunting, deforestation, etc. There are so many examples that hurt our environment.

What little can we do to help? When shopping we can try our best to make sure we a buying the best products from a store. We can limit the usage of leaving a light bulb on when no one is there in the room. We can limit the number of times we use the car, or buy a car that does not emit carbon dioxide. Little things like recycling and not washing your car in the driveway can also help.

All the little things we do, and what the industries to can really affect our environment. While you might not be always thinking about it every day, simple tasks can make a small step the making the environment better. So humans should how their impact, and make a few changes to their lifestyle. The next time no one is in a room where the light bulb is still on, switch it off to save energy.


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