Hedgehogs Everywhere!

Hedgehogs have seen a rise in popularity as pets recently and there is some controversy over whether the exotic animal should be domesticated. The rise in popularity is thought to be caused by increasing amounts of hedgehogs shown on social media. An exceeding amount of Instagram accounts, twitter accounts, blogs and other various platforms have been made that are dedicated solely to hedgehogs. Although most are calling hedge hogs the new family pet, many arguments have been made showing dangers to people, ethics issues, and risk to the animals. This isn’t stopping the rise in demand or the rise in breeding.

Many exotic animal experts say that this may not be a good idea as hedgehogs are nocturnal. People disturbing the animals during the time when they should normally be asleep may be unhealthy. Others argue that hedgehogs “don’t mind” being disturbed at these times and do fine as long as you try to respect the lifestyle. Some say that hedgehogs are not ment to be in caged environments or the temperatures that are within the average home, however hedgehogs were originally imported from Africa, so temperature is not a bothersome thing, and hedgehogs do not need much space to live. Even though they are becoming popular, keeping a pet hedgehog is still illegal in many states unless you have a licence. This is due to fear of creating another wild population of hedgehogs and perhaps the fact that hedgehog spines may carry salmonella. Vets are also concerned that pet hedgehogs may be impulse purchases and that people may abandon them after adoption.

I think that the idea of hedgehogs becoming a more average family pet is an excellent idea, especially for busy families or people with very little space. They aren’t loud, smelly, spacious, or demanding of a lot of attention. Although they are nocturnal many people are busy during the day anyways, which leaves the animal plenty of time to sleep. Hedgehogs carrying diseases is not so much of a problem if you get the animal from a trustworthy source and stay clear of the spines. Meanwhile, the increase in population may be good for hedgehogs as there was recently a massive extinction of them due to their tendency to make nests in brush piles that are soon to be lit. New populations may help with the recovery of their population, and domestication may help them to survive longer.

I hope that hedgehogs are soon legalized in all states and that more people make the decision to try out this new pet. It could lead to a much less smelly household pet that is good for a different group of people. Hedgehogs are altogether mellow animals that, if treated correctly, seem to adapt well to human domestication. This may also help the hedgehog population to increase after the recent breakdown. Although they may be spiny, they are quite adorable and the new trend seems to do no harm to anyone as pets and hopefully this is realized soon.

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