Gatorade vs. Water Controversy

For many years, Gatorade and water have been in controversy on which beverage is better for during activities and on a regular day basis. Gatorade is great in fruity taste that has been popularized by sports teams, athletes etc. The fruity drink is comprised of both electrolytes and carbohydrates which is essential to muscles and hydration which are lost during sweating. Although this is essential for your health in hydration, but is Gatorade good for the body after an activity and on a daily basis? According to the Washington Post “If a child with an empty stomach is given 34 grams of sugar (in Gatorade), the sugar will flow into the bloodstream quickly. This rush of glucose will raise a child’s insulin levels, and this elevated insulin triggers his/her body to store fat and to hold on to existing fat stores.” The article also explains that instead of drinking Gatorade after an activity, the body can easily be restored back to normal by water and fruit (banana recommended). A banana contains Vitamins B and C, 422 mg, and 8% of magnesium which prevents cramping. Even though water doesn’t have that fruity taste it gets the job done for the body. Water serves as a generic of transporting nutrients, and waste elements inside the body. Water also keeps the internal mechanism of the body in balance. Once water and a piece of fruit are combined for nutrients, it will most likely beat the Gatorade vs. water battle. According to the MensHeatlh website, the website made a chart with Gatorade on one side and water on the other and in the middle are characteristics of the two drinks with check marks for which drink would be the best after an activity. According to the website, Gatorade only had one check mark for its taste as to water which go checks marks in convenience, effectiveness, calories, and cost. (4/5 for water).

I am currently working on an experiment outside of class for my research report project on determining which beverage would most benefit the body during an activity. From earlier research I am starting to see the benefits of water and highly recommend water before and after an activity. But if the body needs something to help it regain hydration during an activity, Gatorade would be recommended. Gatorade has more than taste during an activity, it is very efficient for its quick drink and go as compared to water and a piece of fruit, which could take too long if you need to get back in to the activity quickly or it might give the body a stomach ache for eating too quickly. For my experiment I am still going to stick with my original hypothesis of Gatorade is most beneficial for the body during an activity than water. The controversy of Gatorade vs. water is still going on, but water has probably won the war compared to Gatorade who has only won the “during an activity” battle.

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