Evolution has been a very controversial topic and in recent years, but more and more people have become tolerant of the idea. Evolution is a theory by Charles Darwin about how animals evolve or change to acclimate to their surrounding environment. Darwin also stated that humans or Homo sapiens evolved from hominids or great apes. Upon further inspection of apes and their traits, Darwin also found that apes evolved from something more simple. The basis of evolution is that every animal evolved from something more simple. So according to Darwin, all life on Earth is a relative of micro bacteria. That also means that every living creature on Earth is related. Evolution can also take a different role, such as making a species more immune to their surroundings, making them safe from dangers. An example of this is hair. Hair helps protect animals from the cold, keeping their body temperature at a maintainable level to keep the animal alive. If the animal had no hair, then it would quickly die out in that region. Charles Darwin also explained that animals that are not as strong in some areas will suffer because of their predators. This is called Social Darwinism. Unfortunately, this concept is used by big businesses to show that they are dominant over smaller businesses. It has been used in the past as well as the present. This can explain why zebras run much faster than Lions. They have evolved to outrun their predators because if they had stayed slow then the species would have died out and we would no longer have zebras today.

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