Cell Analogies Project – Due Friday, October 6th

“It takes over then thousand cells to cover the head of a pin, but only one Cell Analogies Project to cover a large part of your Honors Biology grade!”

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Instead of an exam for this unit, you will be completing a “Cell Analogies Project.”

Quite a bit of time will be given in class for you to work on this project, so it is important that you come to class fully prepared to work.

This project will count as a 40-point grade in the “Assessments” category, a 15-point grade in the “Science and Engineering Practices” category, and a 20-point grade in the “Class Work” category. It is therefore going to be a major part of your grade for this nine-weeks grading period. As always, you should do your very best work.

The projects will be due on Friday, October 6th. You will be presenting your projects to others in a small group during class that day.

The guidelines and worksheets for the project are available below along with a video that will help you visualize these cell parts:

Grading Procedures:
Structures and Functions:
Cell Analogies Worksheet:

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