Advantages VS. Disadvantages of Stress

Every person has experienced stress in his or her life. Stress is the body’s way of reacting to certain events that happen in one’s life. From taking a test, to getting a workload of things to do, stress is overwhelming and can cause a person to become frustrated and have anxiety. Aside from the negatives of stress, stress can also be helpful when performing under pressure. It can help a person stay focused and motivated when completing a task, but it comes to a certain point when stress stops becoming helpful, and starts affecting a person’s emotions, health, and productivity.

As the body perceives a threat, stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine is released in the body. Which makes muscles tense, the body starts to shake, and adrenaline kicks in. It makes the senses of the body sharper and speeds up reaction time. Because the body is so quick to react, stress is helpful when a person senses danger, such as running away from a strange noise, or lifting a car off to save someone’s life. In real actual events, people have done supernatural actions in situations where they are stressed and need to act quickly to save their own or someone else’s life. On August 1st, 2012, a women lifted a car off her father who was pinned down trying to fix a flat tire. Certain cases causes humans to have superhuman abilities because of the adrenaline in stress response.

On a separate note, people experience stress in different ways, and sometimes cause them to be overwhelmed with different situations they have. Stress can be a problem when experiencing sickness due to the fact that stress could be an immense amount of pressure to themselves. Stress can also cause an emotional symptom that results in crying and moodiness, and also an overall meltdown. If a person is experiencing any of these symptoms, he or she needs to find a way to have an outlet source to go to when having stress, or getting help even when the person has a need to feel isolated to the world. If not dealt with, stress often results to depression when one cannot seem to handle all that is happening around them.

I, as well as everyone else, has experienced stress in his or her life. I think talking to someone about personal stress makes a person feel better, knowing that someone’s there for them, even through difficult situations. Having a distraction can ease the stress for a little while but dealing with the situation in a different manner will help a person calm down and learn to cope with it. It is important to stay productive and keep positive even though a person might feel as if their situation is the end of the world.

Since every person is different, I would like to see the rate of which people gets set off from different perspectives. Stereotypically, the common girl would have a meltdown if things did not go her way. Society has judged people in a way that they think less of a certain group of people. Stress is handled differently from every person and someone would not know what’s going on in their life unless they go through it with them.

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