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The Other Side

Where The Grass Is Always Greener

Colored, or Grey?

The human eye is a remarkable thing. Taking in colors and shapes, images and moments. But what if some of the glorious color the world has to offer, was taken away from you? That is what color blindness does. Color … Keep Reading

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“The Sixty Million Year Virus” Discussion

After reading “The Sixty Million Year Virus“, click on your hour below and respond to the writing prompt. “The Sixty Million Year Virus” Writing Prompt Hour 2 Hour 6

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The Infectious Flu

Image from Wikimedia Commons As the flu is on the rise, some know much about it, while others hardly know what flu actually stands for. Flu is short for influenza. The flu is a contagious respiratory infection caused by a … Keep Reading

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Research Reports Due on Monday, April 6th

Image from As you finish writing your research reports, you will once again be citing your references in the introduction section. Here are some guidelines on in-text citations. If you directly copy paragraphs, sentences, or even parts of sentences, … Keep Reading

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A Different Kind of Transformer

Everybody knows that adaptation is a key factor in species’ survival. It is well proven that species change their genetic makeup very slowly over time, but scientists just recently found evidence of an organism that can change its whole genetic … Keep Reading

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Is The Beauty Worth It?

Image from Wikimedia Commons White tigers are universally known for their unique and beautiful fur. These special tigers only naturally happen once out of every 10,000 births. Because of this extreme rarity, most white tigers are made by selective breeding. … Keep Reading

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